Petites maisons et boîtes de stockage du fromage


Âge de maturation: 2-6 mois

L'emballage d'origine de l'atelier de Gligora

A gift includes a little cheese house containing 4 quarters of different Gligora cheese. Cardboard shepherd's house (cottage) is available in a number of cheese combinations – according to your wishes.

If you are into natural material, we can offer you Gligora wooden boxes in two sizes for big and middle-sized cheeses with Ivan Gligora's verses engraved.

The original packaging from Gligora's workshop with top quality cheeses is a gift for your VIPs.

Meilleures conditions de stockage: 4-10 °C; 60-90% humidité
Âge de maturation: 2-6 mois
Poids du paquet: 2,5 kg

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