• Cheeses with truffles
    Pasteurized /  Semi-hard cheese /  Old: 1-3 months

Cheeses with truffles


Pasteurized /  Semi-hard cheese /  Old: 1-3 months

When on a creative break, our cheese producers like to play with cheese

Our cheeses with truffles – this is the name of our first cheese game. It was made “long time ago”, when Ivan Gligora was the first and the only cheese producer, as early as in 1996.

An Istrian wanted to produce a cheese with truffles asking Ivan for help as he was already then a recognized cheese expert. Ivan engaged in cheese games and made our most famous cheese with added substances . Gligora cheese with truffles, an amazing cheese for all lovers of this aphrodisiac taste.

Today we produce cow semi-hard cheese, as well as hard cheese with big truffles – Kupid's cheese which can be found only in a special red gift package.

We exclusively choose truffles from famous Istrian producers, paying attention to cheese production, so that our cheeses with truffles have already been awarded internationally.

For lovers of goat cheeses, our cheese producers made also goat cheeses with truffles, also awarded internationally!

Lovers of truffles, have a nice meal!

Spice/added substances: truffles

Best storage conditions: 4-16 °C
Old: 1-3 months

  Top quality cheese