• Cow cheeses with spices
    Cow milk /  Pasteurized /  Semi-hard cheese /  Old: 10-60 days

Cow cheeses with spices


Cow milk /  Pasteurized /  Semi-hard cheese /  Old: 10-60 days

When on a creative break, our cheese producers like to play with cheese

After the success with cow cheese with truffles, which was our first cheese with additional substances, why shouldn't we let our cheese producers experiment with other spices too... When our Suzi and Manda are on a creative break – they tend to play with cheese.

To get the right combination, it is important to choose only top-quality spices and apply a proper amount of them as well as to adjust the production process.

Excellent and appreciated Gligora cow cheeses with Mediterranean herbs, olives, pepper, paprika, chili, pumpkin seeds...

Spiced cheeses – amazing for breaking the routine in the shape of a cheese snack! Kids also like them. Cheese producers have the answer for lovers of goat cheeses as well.

Best storage conditions: 4-16 °C
Old: 10-60 days

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