Smoked cheeses


Pasteurized /  Semi-hard cheese /  Old: 1-3 months

When on a creative break, our cheese producers like to play with cheese

When our cheese producers play with fire, they make smoked cheeses Kordunski and Dimjan – amazing delicates or a snack for lovers of smoked natural aromas.

Of course, both Kordunski and Dimjan are naturally smoked which requires natural wood, fire, attention and patience, unlike many other cheeses available on market which are not smoked but dipped into a mixture with smoke aroma.

Look for naturally smoked cheeses – try Gligora's cheese experiments:

Smoked Kolan – semi-hard or hard smoked cheese

Dimjan – smoked and pressed fresh cheese

Best storage conditions: 4-16 °C
Old: 1-3 months

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