• Pag cheese (PDO), raw milk
    Sheep milk /  Unpasteurized (raw) milk /  Hard cheese /  Old: 3-12 months

Pag cheese (PDO), raw milk


Sheep milk /  Unpasteurized (raw) milk /  Hard cheese /  Old: 3-12 months

Produced from 100% milk coming from Pag sheep from the island of Pag. The most famous Croatian cheese

Though the majority of Pag cheese comes from thermally processed milk, our Dairy produces also cheese from raw, thermally unprocessed milk, just like in the old days.

After coming back from the studies home to Kolan, Šime Gligora started producing raw milk cheese. Today this is a trend among world cheese producers and bears a label of authenticity. Our factory produces more and more raw milk cheese every year, under controlled conditions and working with chosen sheep farmers, offering always a healthy product completely right in technological terms.

Pag raw milk cheese has a more intense, “wilder” aroma and smell, more cheese holes, resembling to Pag cheese called “babin” in its taste and smell, the cheese which used to be produced before even there was any dairy on Pag.

Status: authenticity - PDO

Best storage conditions: 8-16 °C; 75-80% humidity
Old: 3-12 months

  Top quality cheese