• Healing herbs
    Goat milk /  Pasteurized /  Hard cheese /  Old: 1-3 mjeseca

Healing herbs


Goat milk /  Pasteurized /  Hard cheese /  Old: 1-3 mjeseca

Goat milk cheese with healing herbs

Gligora cheese factory presents a new series of cheeses - SUPERCHEESE

SUPERCHEESE cheeses are SUPER healthy because they are made from 100% goat's milk from Dalmatia! Goat's milk is used as a natural remedy for allergies and reduces respiratory problems. Goat's milk is easily digestible and is completely absorbed by the body! Milk is rich in phosphorus and calcium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and B12! To this SUPER milk, we added SUPER additives - turmeric, habanero chilli and tomato, activated charcoal and fennel and medicinal herbs - dandelion, hawthorn, echinacea and nettle!


Healing herbs - hawthorn lowers blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health, dandelion improves liver and kidney function, echinacea has an antiviral effect on respiratory infections, and nettle is known as an iron-rich diuretic and lowers sugar!

That's why these cheeses are called SUPERCHEESE!

The labels of these Gligora cheeses are somewhat different from previous labels, the graphics and texts are a bit funny, adapted to younger fans of excellent goat cheeses, also because of the beneficial properties we recommend it to all those who want to strengthen immunity while enjoying a piece of good cheese!

Content: Goat milk, healing herbs
Best storage conditions: 0 do 4 C
Old: 1-3 mjeseca
Package weight: 2.1kg, 1.1kg, 550g

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