• Mladi Trapist
    Cow milk /  Pasteurized /  Semi-hard cheese /  Old: 15-60 days

Mladi Trapist


Cow milk /  Pasteurized /  Semi-hard cheese /  Old: 15-60 days

Along with Pag cheese, the oldest and most famous cheeses by Gligora Dairy. Our classics and bestsellers

Young Trappist Gligora, was produced very early as a type of semi-hard cheese. What sets it apart from the cheeses of the same category is the fact that it is made of whole milk, where no fat was being taken away and used for production of butter or cream. Milk fat produces the aroma and the smell as well as vitamins soluble in fat.

Soon it became Gligora's classic and a synonym for a quality semi-hard cheese. Its fair price makes it an excellent choice for everyday consumption, for a top quality toast or sandwich.

Content: 100% cow milk
Best storage conditions: 8-16 °C; 75-80% humidity
Old: 15-60 days

  Top quality cheese