• Pag ricotta (skuta)
    Sheep milk /  Pasteurized /  Cottage cheese /  Old: 1-10 days

Pag ricotta (skuta)


Sheep milk /  Pasteurized /  Cottage cheese /  Old: 1-10 days

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Their hard-working day is not done when our cheese producers make Pag cheese. They also have to cook the Pag ricotta (skuta) using every single drop of whey! There is no Pag skuta without Pag cheese!

As simple as the production process might seem, it still requires patience and a still hand. Otherwise the curd will be too hard or it will fall apart. Our producers do know it.

Just like Pag cheese, this fresh albumin cheese is logically equally traditional, of top quality production and taste. Even as authentic as Pag cheese!

Available only in Gligora stores, this fresh Pag product can be found during the sheep milking season on Pag, from January to June!

Content: 100% sheep whey coming from the Pag milk exclusively
Best storage conditions: 4-8 °C
Old: 1-10 days

  Top quality cheese