The Gligora Dairy in our community

One of our important features is sustainable life on the island. We would like to be a trigger of development of Kolan, Pag and wider community, mostly in the field of sheep farming, cheese production and agrotourism.

By promoting our product in the world, we also promote Kolan, Pag and Croatia.

Kindergarten Carić Novalja

We are proud to be a leader in positive trends in Pag's sheep farming and cheese production, especially in stimulating the island's farmers without which the production of Pag cheese would be impossible.

We are also leaders in positive trends nowadays, as we work independently and through the association of Pag cheese producers on the island of Pag. We would also like to engage young people in agricultural production on the island who could create the conditions for future life on Pag. We therefore believe tourism cannot be the only business activity on the island but should be developed along with the production.

If you would like to join us, as a partner, contractor or our worker, feel free to contact us at:!

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