Our Dairy and technology

The new Dairy built in 2009 is the most modern Dairy of such size in Croatia. It consists of the production area on the zero ground, the ripening area in the basement, and offices and tasting rooms on the first floor. The factory is structured as a functional and efficient whole. Near the Kolan Dairy there is also the most famous Gligora store.

The factory includes modern equipment used for production of hard and semi-hard cheese and curd, while the ripening area, located underground, and other areas are equipped with modern tools for ripening and air conditioning.

The production area includes admission laboratory with testing equipment used for testing the raw milk quality thus ensuring the processing of only quality milk used to make cheese. The factory has also its own vehicles and cooling equipment used during milk gathering and delivery.

In this way, along with implemented HACCP and IFS quality systems, we ensure top hygiene conditions and balanced production resulting eventually in a high quality product.

You can visit our factory and see cheese production process through organized tours.

Photo Gallery:

  Cheese production - Gligora Dairy Croatia