Goat ricotta


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Not even the production of our goat cheeses (Kozlar, goat milk Kotarac) means their hard working day is over for our producers. They have to make goat ricotta using every whey drop!

As simple as the production process might seem, it still requires patience and a still hand. Otherwise the curd will be too hard or it will fall apart. Our producers do know it. Unlike similar products, our ricotta is prepared from the pure whey, with no milk or cream added to make the mass bigger.

Our goat ricotta is often the best one; mild, crumbly, delicious, with a decent dose of kaprin aftertaste. No one can resist it.

Available only in Gligora stores, this fresh goat product can be found during the goat milking season in Dalmatia, from the end of January to beginning of November!

Content: 100% goat whey coming from Dalmatian milk

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