• Maraska cherry press cheeses
    Pasteurized /  Hard cheese /  Old: 4-12 months

Maraska cherry press cheeses


Pasteurized /  Hard cheese /  Old: 4-12 months

We reveal the old secrets and skills of Pag cheese affinage processes

In the old days when the summer cheese was not consumed and would lose its natural moist and weight thus becoming too hard for consumption, the old producers would some time in the late summer dip the cheese in wine must. After some time, cheese would absorb the must and the pleasant wine aroma becoming refined.

Recently we have revealed the old secrets and tried to apply them the best we could.

After our successful affinage using wine and olive press, we taught of what to do next. After having talked to our producers and colleagues from Zadar, we came up with the simple idea – we should use maraska cherry press (pomace) as well. This proved to be a very successful experiment: the Pag maraska residue cheese won a trophy at WCA 2015 in Birmingham!

Other excellent unique cheeses are also available: maraska press cheeses such as Žigljen, Težački sir, Kozlar etc. are available only in our stores.

Best storage conditions: 4-16 °C
Old: 4-12 months

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