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Gligora cheese&deli in its stores in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Kolan offers a wide range of the best domestic brandies, liqueurs, and craft gins!

In addition to physical stores, you can order everything listed via the webshop, where we have ensured safe shopping and fast delivery for the territory of Croatia, but also in all countries of the European Union, Norway, and Switzerland!

We try to offer you everything that we think best represents individual Croatian regions - so we offer herbal brandy from the island of Pag, šljivovica brandy as a typical brandy of Slavonia and Baranja, quince wine, Williams brandy, apple brandy - have them all!
Slightly different products from brandies are liqueurs - by adding sugar, water, and flavorings to brandies or ethyl alcohol, we get liqueurs, and they can be fruit or vegetable.

Some of the fruit liqueurs we offer are; liqueurs made of hawthorn, hazelnut, tangerine, lemon, etc., while they are herbal, with the addition of wormwood - Pelinkovac, anise - anisette.

Gligora cheese&deli supports local gin producers, so in its offer, we have Aura Gin Karbun, Republic of Dubrovnik, Rapski Gin 1177, and Little Gipsy Gin.

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