Cheese from wine drop

This year's cheeses from the wine drop were created in cooperation with the wineries Boškinac, Vina otoka Pag and Rizman!
It is not big news that we have been making excellent cheeses from wine drop in the Gligora Cheese Factory for a long time now, however, for the first time, we are cooperating with a winery outside the island of Pag. So far we have affinated cheeses exclusively in the wine drop of the local wineries - Vina otoka Paga and Boškinac, and for this year's affinage, we also use the wine drop of the Rizman winery. From the Rizman winery, we learn that these are grapes from organic cultivation - The goals of organic viticulture are to maintain and increase the natural fertility of the soil by appropriate cultivation measures, and to avoid all those measures that are contrary to this goal, such as over-cultivation, herbicide use and easily soluble synthetic fertilizers.

All wines of these winemakers, as well as cheeses from their wine drop, can be purchased in all Gligora cheese & deli stores and at

The cheeses from the wine drop are just ripening, and they will go on sale only after 2 months, more precisely around Christmas 2020.

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