Curd cake
Type of meal: Desserts
Cheese: Pag ricotta (skuta)

Curd cake


4 eggs
8 spoons of water
1 lemon peel
20 dag sugar
24 dag flour
1 baking powder
a bit of butter

2 eggs
10 dag sugar
25 dag desired fruit
25 dag Pag curd Gligora
2.5 dl sweet cream
lemon or orange juice
3 dag jelly


Beat egg whites and 4 spoons of water into snow slowly adding sugar into the mixture.
Mix egg yolks with 4 spoons of water.
Mix it constantly and add into the snow along with lemon peel, flour and baking powder.
Put the soft mixture into a well oiled cake mold and bake for 20 min at 150°C, then bake it for additional 20 min at 180- 200°C.
Cut the cooled cake and add fruit juice.
Put the cake half into the mold, fill it and cover with another half.
Let it stay in the fridge for a few hours until it becomes compact enough.

Mix egg yolks and half of the sugar amount until you get foam.
Add melted jelly, lemon peel and juice, squeeze the curd, mix it well, add egg whites beaten with sugar, add beaten sweet cream and pieces of fruit.
Mix it softly.

The cake can be eaten as a diet snack.

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