Curd strudel
Type of meal: Desserts
Cheese: Pag ricotta (skuta)

Curd strudel


1/2 kg plain flour
100 g sugar
1 pc vanilla sugar
1/2 fresh yeast cube (or 1.5 dry yeast bag)
pinch of salt
250 ml tepid milk
1 whole egg
2 yolks
150 ml oil
lemon peel

Mix all ingredients with a ladle until you get soft pastry. Leave the pastry for 1:30 h in a warm place. Mix it 2-3 time while it stays there.

1 Pag curd Gligora
150 g sugar
lemon peel
2 pcs vanilla sugar
2 whole eggs


Mix the ingredients.
Divide the pastry in two parts and roll it out on a floured surface.
Put the filling onto the pastry and roll it.
Put the ready strudels in oiled baking pan.
Brush the pastry with an egg and put it in the heated oven.
Bake it for 1 hour at 150-160 °C.
Brush the ready strudels with oil.

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