Fresh milk and yogurts


Pasteurized /  Milk /  Old: 1-10 days

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Gligora yogurt – sounds weird, doesn't it? If we produce top quality cheeses, our milk also should be of top quality. Cheese=100% milk, “only” crumbled.

Thus in 2015 we decided to try offering also milk to our loyal store customers, lovers of cheese. First it was cow and fresh goat milk, and then also goat yogurt. Yet we did not offer Pag sheep milk as it was too precious and used only for Pag cheese and curd.

Soon we had to supply milk and yogurt very quickly as it was fresh and instantly bought. All fresh milk and yogurts are of course of local origin: goat milk from Dalmatia, cow milk from Lika, Kordun and Dalmatia.

Fresh goat milk and yogurt can be found during the goat milking season in Dalmatia, while during the goat dry period in December they cannot be bought!

You should go quickly to our stores and pick up your bottle of fresh Gligora milk or yogurt!

Best storage conditions: 4-8 °C
Old: 1-10 days

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