• How it started
    The history of Gligora Dairy involves
    its founder Ivan Gligora and his family
    History of Gligora Dairy
  • The Pag cheese tradition
    The cheese production tradition on the island
    is considered to be as old as sheep farming
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  • Why are we the best
    Love for tradition and cheese profession
    is what has been passed on in the family Gligora
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  • Our dairy and technology
    The new Dairy built in 2009 is the most modern Dairy
    of such size in Croatia
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What to serve with cheese

What to serve with cheese

Being a match maker isn't always worthwhile but when it comes to cheese, this can be fun. Our pieces of advice will help you choose a drink or dish that goes perfectly with our cheeses for your bigger enjoyment. Yet, there are no strict rules, you just should let your senses enjoy various combinations and decide what suits you best.

We are in a constant search for new combinations and we will gladly include your suggestions in our offer. Feel free to suggest any “match making” advice at marketing@gligora.com!


Pag cheese (PDO)

White wine Gegić Find in Gligora webshop
Red wine: Merlot, Babić, Teran, Cabernet sauvignon Boškinac, Rožolj Boškinac Find in Gligora webshop



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