Cheese Factory Guided Tour

Would you like to see for yourself the production and feel the aromas and tastes of the best cheeses made at the most awarded Croatian cheese factory?

For the greater part of the year, we are open for individual and group visits to our cheese factory according to the following program:

  • the story of the Gligora Cheese Factory and island of Pag cheese (Paški sir)
  • tour of the production facility 
  • visit the ageing room in the factory cellar
  • tasting various Gligora cheeses in the tasting room on the upper floor of the factory with a breath-taking view
  • watching a multi-language video projection in the tasting room: from pastures to the ripening room
  • opportunity to make a purchase at the Gligora Store next to the factory

Saturday, Sunday and Monday (30.10., 31.10. and 1.11.) we do not work and there are no tours of Sirana.

Cheese factory tours:  12h

Working hours: Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 15:00
Sunday: Closed

For any inquiries please contact us at

Photo Gallery:

  Diary Tours & Cheese Tasting

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