Cheese keeping

The whole cheese is to be kept in the cellar or in the coolest and darkest room in the house. In such case, the cheese should be kept on a wooden or plastic tray and several times a week it should be turned around, coated with olive or sunflower oil to prevent overdrying and mold. Ideal cheese storage conditions include temperature of 12°C to 18°C and 75 to 90% relative air humidity. In this way cheese will continue to mature naturally and can be left for more than a year.

If you do not have a cooler room, you can also use your refrigerator, putting the cheese in the cheese box or under a bell jar made of glass or plastics and put onto a tray. If you do not have any cheese box, you should at least wrap it with a piece of foil to prevent overdrying in the fridge and absorption of the fridge smells. Of course, the cheese will get some mold in the fridge but it should be oiled and turned around now and then.

When you cut it, the cheese or cheese slices should be kept in the cheese box/dish in the fridge (bell jar made of glass or plastics). The piece of cheese that is being cut from should definitely be wrapped in transparent foil to prevent overdrying while the rest (cheese skin) should be oiled. Hard and semi-hard cheese can be preserved also by dipping the whole cheese or its slices into olive oil.

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  How to serve and keep cheese