Dubrovnik Croatia

The Gligora Store in Dubrovnik is located in Batala, address; Nikle Tesle 10. 

Visit us and enjoy in best Croatian cheese, olive oil, wine, prosciuttos, ham and fresh things like ricotta cheese.

Contact info

T: 00385 20 324 100
E: delikatese@gligora.com
A: Nikole Tesle 10, 20000 Dubrovnik, Hrvatska / Croatia / Kroatien

Working hours

Ponedjeljak (Mon) - Subota (Sat): 08:00 - 20:00h
Nedjelja (Sun): Zatvoreno (Closed)
Blagdanima i praznicima: Zatvoreno
Holidays: Closed


In addition to the greatest selection of cheese in Dubrovnik, in our Store, you can buy cheese, homemade albumin cheese, cream and butter.
Our selection of cured meat products includes Dalmatian prosciutto, bacon, buđola and šokol.
In the second room you can find a great selection of wine, oil and jam, and a large number of souvenirs.

  Where to buy Gligora cheese