Kolan - Island of Pag Croatia

The Kolan Store is located on the lower road passing through the settlement of Kolan within the complex of Gligora Dairy. It is our first and largest store.

In addition to cheese, this store offers a wide selection of wines and olive oils, as well as other local delicacies.

Discover our new wine bar and oil bar in the room behind the cheeses! Our cheese saleswomen Martina, Marina or Rahela will welcome you to the boutique.

Contact info

M: +385 91 4365 401
E: delikatese@gligora.com
A: Figurica 21, 23251 Kolan, Hrvatska / Croatia / Kroatien

Working hours

Ponedjeljak (MON) - Subota (Sat): 07:30-20:00h
Nedjelja (SUN): Zatvoren (Closed)
Blagdanima i praznicima: Zatvoreno
Holidays: Closed


In addition to cheese, ever-fresh albumin cheese and milk, the Kolan Store offers a wide selection of wines and oils.
Among the products from the island of Pag, we offer: olive oil from Lun, wine from the island of Pag, sage honey and, of course, cheese.

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