Great Taste Awards 2020 - New awards for Sirana Gligora

This year, Sirana Gligora attended two competitions in the world of cheese and food products - the World Championship Cheese Contest held in Wisconsin and the Great Taste Awards. The WCCC was held just before the lockdown and the following cheeses were awarded:

Best in class - Dinarski aged wine drop

Second prize - Žigljen aged in olive skins

Second prize - Likotin

Third prize - Kordunski cheese

Third prize - Kolan aged in wine drop

At the Great Taste Awards 2020, Gligora Pag cheese was awarded two stars, and Kozlar from the olive skins was awarded one star.

With this, we confirmed the continuity of the quality of Pag cheese and affinated cheeses because Likotin aged in olive skins last year won a maximum of three stars.

This competition (GTA) was founded in 1994 and is also known as the seal of excellence, the Guild of Fine Food’s Great Taste Award rewards above all taste, and all products are removed from the packaging before tasting. This year 144 judges were present, and among them are; food critics, chefs, caterers, retailers, producers, gastro journalists, journalists and influencers. All of the above have decided which products deserve one, two or three stars.

This year, more than 12,700 products were registered, and 5,294 products were awarded.

In addition to Sirana Gligora, 7 other representatives from Croatia participated, and Varžak Mediterra and Volim Ljuto should be singled out, whose products can be found in Gligora stores.

Here are the reviews of the judges for the awarded cheeses:

“Pretty pale yellow in colour, with a beautiful thick orange rind - this cheese is certainly visually appealing. It has a fermented spicy aroma and a fresh scent of herbs. The texture is hard but not overly crumbly and melts in your mouth due to its high-fat content. The taste in the mouth is long-lasting, with good salinity and black pepper substrates. It is also an extremely creamy hard cheese, very tasty on the whole. "

“Visually pleasing and exciting crust. The texture is thick, pleasant, decomposes well in the mouth. There is a slight smokiness of this cheese which we found very intriguing. Satisfactory and balanced levels of salt and fruity notes are present. A great feeling of melting in the mouth and crystallization on the tongue. "

"Delicious goat's milk cheese, authentic look with pale yellow paste and rustically washed rind. It had a lovely natural, fresh, goat, grassy aroma. The pasta was firm and creamy, with a bit of crunchiness from lactate crystals, and the taste was complex, with a lot of nuts, sweetness, tenderness. "

"A firm, riped cheese with an attractive rind, an artisan look and a sharp ripe flavour. The flavours are complex and lively, with a mixture of salty and sweet notes, sharp and grassy, ​​with nutty edges and a delicate goat, creamy richness that is really well balanced."

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