NEW! PDO and PGI category in Gligora webshop!

It is known that besides the renowned Gligora cheese in Gligora cheese & deli stores there is a huge selection of selected domestic and foreign delicacies. Because of the great interest of customers for premium, original products, we decided to enrich our range with protected products at the European Union level on the highest levels  - protected designation of origin - PDO and protected geographical indication - PGI.

So, from now on, Gligora webshop becomes the only one in Croatia where it is possible to order these products - in the online delicatessen there is a separate category of PDO / PGI products that guarantee originality and protected geographical origin. It is known that Pag cheese (Paski sir) is currently the only cheese in Croatia that has a protected designation of origin, which is a guarantee that every step in the production process is related exclusively to the island of Pag. In addition to Pag cheese, we decided to include in the offer world-famous cheeses, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padana or the British Blue Stilton. We also offer Dalmatian prosciutto (PGI), Krk prosciutto (PGI), Istrian prosciutto (PDO), Baranja kulen (PGI), Pag salt and salt flower (PDO), Istrian extra virgin olive oil (PDO), Italian aceto from Modena, seven, ten and even twelve years old.

We do not intend to stop at the current offer, therefore, we invite all manufacturers whose products are decorated with PDO or PGI labels to contact us and become part of this interesting story on

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