Pag ricotta (curd) - top quality traditional recipe

The new season of Pag cheese production has started in Gligora Cheese Factory, and with it, the best ricotta in the world - Pag ricotta! Pag ricotta is a product obtained by cooking whey from sheep's milk of Pag sheep.
The quality of Pag curd depends on the milk, which is ensured by the origin of the milk, but the secret also lies with the person who makes it. It takes experience, patience and a calm hand to make the curd perfect - not too hard, not too soft!
Pag curd is a delicacy that is eaten fresh, within a few days of production. We can eat it immediately after opening the package, add "old-fashioned" just a little salt or sugar and with a piece of bread. It is great also when we add homemade jams and olive oil. We can also cook with Pag ricotta - various cakes, add it to various sauces and prepare the finest dishes!
Production and availability are limited to the first half of the year when the season of milking and making Pag cheese takes place on the island of Pag.
With cottage cheese, the rule is that the fresher the better! Sirana Gligora exclusively delivers its products to Gligora stores in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Kolan, Zadar and Dubrovnik!

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