Paški sir - best hard sheep cheese in 2017 on International Cheese Awards

At the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich, UK, Paški sir from Sirana Gligora got a gold medal, the first place in a very strong category of hard sheep cheeses. This is the third time for Gligora Paški cheese at this prestigious cheese competition (first gold 2013 and the second in 2014), and cheese Kozlar made of 100% goat milk from the Dalmatian hinterland got a great third place (bronze) in the category of hard goat cheeses!
The International Cheese Awards in Nantwich are the largest cheese competition with the longest tradition, and on 25th July this year, a total of 5,000 dairy products from 27 countries took part. "With this, Sirana Gligora has proved once more that it is among the best cheese producers in the world, almost every year we get the prestigious international medals for our cheeses and thus promote the island of Pag and Croatia in the world as a gastronomic destination."

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