Available! Young Pag cheese (2022)

The time has come and our young Pag cheese (2022) has matured enough to win your hearts!

The production of this year's Pag cheese started at the beginning of January, ripening took place in our ripening cave 6 meters underground and at a temperature of about 12C degrees.
As every year, at the end of April, fans of the young Gligora Pag cheese come to their senses!
Light, mild aromas, creamy and soluble in the mouth, young Pag cheese leaves no one indifferent.
Young Pag cheese is available in Gligora cheese & deli stores as well as on webshop.gligora.com Pag cheese - the first Croatian cheese to bear the Protected Designation of Origin, must be matured at least 3 months before being placed on the market.
Therefore, Gligorin Pag cheese is available as young (3m), medium ripe (6m), mature cheese (12m) and very old cheese (24m).
Enjoy the top-quality Pag cheese!

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