Kozlar affinated in olives - nominated for Golden Fork on Great Taste Awards

Goat cheese from Gligora cheese factory

Sirana Gligora is one of the most successful cheese factories and definitely the most awarded one in Croatia and the region.

What connects all the cheeses on the island of Pag is the production of the only cheese in Croatia with the ZOI label - Paški sir (Pag cheese), which is now widely known.

The unique cheese from the island of Pag is becoming more and more award-winning and well-known to the general public year after year, however, cheese factories on the island of Pag also produce cheeses that are not Pag cheese.


Sirana Gligora also produces cheeses from goats, cows, sheep's milk, and mixed milk. And this is not something new, it lasts for 28 years now.

All this time, the vast majority of Gligora's cheeses have won awards at world competitions from the USA and Europe; the Great Taste Awards, World Cheese Awards, World Championship Cheese Contest, International Cheese Awards, and Global Cheese Awards.

It was at the latter competition that Sir Kozlar – a semi-hard cheese made from 100% goat's milk from Dalmatia was declared the runner-up of the overall competition in 2021 in Frome.

This was huge news and success for Gligora.

In the same year, Kozkar - goat milk cheese affinated in olive skins won 2* at the Great Taste Awards, and this year it was awarded the maximum 3*, as was Kozlar dimljeni (Smoked Kozlar), and entered the fight for the champion of the entire competition and the "Oscar" of that competition - Golden Fork!

This is a definite confirmation that something has been done well for years, since 2015 goat cheeses have been regularly "advancing" both in Sirana and at competitions.

Each assessment also means feedback, i.e. a review of the product, and in order to create a cheese with the highest rating, which can mean a gold award, you must incorporate all possible improvements. We obviously succeeded, because 2 years in a row at two different competitions - one specialized in cheese, and the other in food and drink - Gligora goat cheeses are positioned at the very top of the world's quality!

This is an incentive for further purchase of milk from small producers, an incentive for livestock and goat farming in Dalmatia, and the production of quality goat cheese!

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